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more than 10 years experience in solar production line design and factory Turkey solutions

Marketing & Engineering in solar industry more than 10 Years


I am Jerry, Tom & Jerry :)

About my hometown

        I was born in a seaside town, near the vast Yellow Sea, and also has solar power plants, 

        which of course have been established recently.


        I love my hometown which has thousands of years of history 

        and it is famous for silk, rice, and seafood.




        Since 2006, I worked with KARCHER marketing in China after university.

        And from 2011, I start the solar business. 

        For solar panel production line marketing, design, and technical support.

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        Training in Egypt

        202201109625.png 202201101669.png

        Working in India

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        Working in Jinko solar,Suntech and LONGi Solar 


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        Delhi airport and Lotus Temple

        202201116651.png 202201117295.png

        Exhibition in India

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        India street and Agakhan palace

        202201104708.png 202201101297.png


        202201101072.png 202201108240.png

        Beautiful Egypt Sunset and Museum.

        202201101034.png Tartus Beach

        202201105120.png 202201101268.png

        Our Lady of Lebanon

        202201101022.png 202201101257.png

        202201111344.png 202201111132.png 202201114001.png

        202201101527.png 202201101396.png


        Went to Syria for a 60MW project, What impressed me most was 

        the warmth of the locals in Homos, and the broken walls after the war

        202201112033.png 202201101888.png

        Vacation in Wuxi and South china sea

        202201118117.png 202201112656.png

        visiting the GreatWall and Slender West Lake

        202201111878.png 202201112015.png

        Went to the SNEC every year.


        Wish to visit more cities and meet more friends.

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