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240-300MW Annual Full Auto Solar Panel Production Plant

WORKING TYPEFull Automatic

240-300MW Annual Full Auto Solar Panel Production Plant

Many customers want to open solar panel manufacturing factory, but they don’t know the manufacturing process and how to configure solar panel manufacturing machines so the idea has never been realized. Don't worry, I'd love to share with you.

1. Factory Layout Drawing

PV module production line

Solar module process flow

2. Mainly manufacturing process

Step 1: Test solar cell efficiency: make sure the same power cell to be used in one solar panel;

Step 2: Cut complete solar cell into small pieces;

Step 3: Welding solar cell: welding solar cell to string solar cell;

Step 4: Cutting EVA/TPT: according to the solar panel size to cut the EVA and TPT in the designed size;

Step 5: Lay up: achieve solar string automatic laying on glass EVA, and transporting module to the next process;

Step 6: Visual inspection: check the dirty for the Raw materials;

Step 7: Defect check: uses the EL tester machine to identifying micro-cracks, broken   finger wires, and other invisible defects in solar modules;

Step 8: Lamination: after EL tester checking the defects,  use solar panel Laminate the raw material into solar panel;

Step 9: Trimming: when the Solar panel get cooling after coming out from laminator,  It need Cutting the edges,  we call Trimming;

Step 10: Glue: use sealant to glue up on aluminum frame;

Step 11: Framing: use the framing machine to install the aluminum frame;

Step 12: Glue: fill the sealant to aluminum alloy after framing;

Step 13: Install junction box: glue the junction box and install it on the solar panel;

Step 14: IV Test: use solar simulator to test the finished solar panel Electrical performance test like power, current etc and record;

Step 15: Test the panel withstand voltage insulation;

Step 16: Defect check: uses the EL tester machine to identifying micro-cracks, broken finger wires and other invisible defects of finished solar modules;

Step 17: Label;

Step 18: Clean the surface and package.

3. Function & Picture of Main Machines of 240-300MW Annual Full Auto Solar Panel Production Plant

Solar Cell Laser Scribing Machine (no water no destructive)


No water no destructive solar cell laser scribing machine (called NDC) cuts solar cell into half piece or 1/3 piece,which can increase the output of the solar panel power.

NDC is with lower power, lower temperature, and water-free dicing, and also has higher bending strength, better electrical performance, and no secondary pollution or water-caused micro-broken after cutting.


Solar Cell Laser Scribing Machine

· MBB Solar Cell Tabber Stringer


MBB Solar Cell Tabber Stringer is used to weld the solar cells one by one through copper ribbon, and the cells are connected in series to form a string. The entire welding process is fully automated.


MBB Solar Cell Tabber Stringer Solar Cell Tabber Stringer

· Automatic Solar Cell String Lay Up Machine


Achieving solar string automatic laying on glass EVA, and transporting module to the next process


solar cell string lay up machine

· Solar Strings Welding Bussing Machine


Adopt the method of separating the cell string from the glass, and grab the cell string in the air, then to interconnected solder the head, middle and tail bus bar of the middle wire edition module at a certain height; It has the function of a roll feeding bus bar, bending U and L leads upwards.


/static/upload/image/20230504/202305041581.webp /static/upload/image/20230504/202305041109.webp

· Automatic Solar Module EL Defect Tester


Used in testing the solar cell crack,breakage, black spot,mixed wafers,process defect,cold solder joint phenomenon.


Automatic Solar Module EL Defect TesterSolar Module EL Tester

· Automatic Solar Panel Laminator


Automatic solar panel laminator is a mechanical device that presses multiple layers of materials together.


Solar Panel  Laminator Laminator

· Automatic Solar Module Framing Machine


Automatic solar module framing machine is used to install the aluminum frame and automatically overflow glue.


solar module framing machine

· Solar Module Sun Simulator


Solar module sun simulator is used to test the electric performance of Mono-Si or Poly-Si solar modules and record the results in files .


solar module sun simulator

4. Packaging and transportation of 240-300MW Annual Full Auto Solar Panel Production Plant


5. Case of 240-300MW Annual Full Auto Solar Panel Production Plant


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