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I thought for a long time whether I had a title that I could use to talk about my achievements, but I don’t have. I am an ordinary woman, I believe there have many excellent people in front of the screen. Thank you all for being willing to reading some of my trivial stories, and thank you for your time, you can witness the growth of an ordinary woman. 

I was born in 1993 in Wuhan, which is an unbiased, humble central city. It has both the heroism and grandeur of the North, there is also the delicacy and aura of the South.

I was born in an ordinary Chinese family, I am also like most people, I have a 3-year old daughter and I live in a wonderful family. and I am an ordinary office lady now. 

I love my hometown, especially for Wuhan Spirit: Dare to be the first, and pursuit of excellence.

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I would like to share you with my personality, if I could describe myself with a food, I would choose Double-flavor hot pot.

On the one hand I think it is the red soup, very able to describe me, I have enthusiasm, I love my work and I got lots of interests, such as I like movie, music, photography and making food. 

On the other hand I like plain soup, I am mature and responsible, and I am rational at work.

Dear friend, I would like to invite you to taste the Chinese cuisine - Hot Pot 

For two more months, I have been working at OOITECH for 6 years. I want to add another taste of soup, mushroom soup. Since I find OOITECH bring me more nutritious precipitation and makes me feel like a person who can be a worth re-living woman. I hope we can always maintain a lifelong learning and active learning attitude.

As part of sales team I really enjoy the charm of language when communicating with my clientsthe pleasure of being trusted by clients, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with solving problems for them. 


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