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About Us

About Ooitech
solar panel production line plant supplier

We, Ooitech, more than 15 years of experience in the solar industry, which belongs to Ooi Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd(group), Professional for solar industry application equipment research, development, production, and selling.

We supply solar panel production, solar panel production line, full automatic solar panel production line, 5mw-200mw solar panel assembly line, semi-automatic solar module assembly plant, solar panel production plant. The products are exported to MiddleEast, Europe, India, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and other areas...

We will help our customers start a new solar panel production line, provide solar production laminator, solar panel production EL tester, IV tester, aluminum framing machines, etc... 

We provide free factory layout design and solar panel production line machines layout design. 

cooperate with ooitech, easy to start a factory. 




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